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Goodgame Big Farm Guideline & Tips
Goodgame Big Farm Guideline & Tips
Posted by: gamemaster, 2015-01-30, 05:28 - 1 comments

Hello and welcome to our site. We really hope you will enjoy your time browsing here. We hope our site will give you an even better gaming experience on GGS Big Farm!

Release: 29th of October, 2012,

Publisher: Goodgame Studios

It quickly gathered a huge following until now, it has over 25,000,000 players.

Thus let’s begin to introduce you the guideline and tips while your time playing Big Farm.


You may play game from here.

This game is a world of online strategy web browser game which includes land expansions, building upgrades, workers happiness and a single build slot all make for a game full of strategy and planning.

1.       Big Farm:

Story: Uncle George has left his farm to your responsibility; however it’s in pretty bad shape. Using business skills and the help of your neighbours, family and friends you can turn the overgrown barnyard into a beautiful and prosperous farm again. Try to plant the right crops, harvest them and process all items, care for your farm animals and let your workers be happy in your farm growth.

The Objective: To grow and harvest produce from the fields and orchards while growing the farm and looking after the animals.

The Scope: Gold is the premium currency within the game, with numerous items available to help your farm along. If you aren't able to purchase gold or just don't wish to, it's one of the few games that still allows you to play all the way through without gold. Progress is slower, however.



a.       Characters:

 Tessa Townsend

§  Neighbor who offers you farming advice

§  Host of Here's to nature! Camping Event


 Farmer George (Uncle George)

§  Your relative and original owner of your farm

§  Offers advice to build your farm


 Rita Mercury

§  Writer for the local paper, The Racing Farmer

§  Host of Fairy Tale Time Event

§  Host of Orphanage Charity Drive Event


 Lester Crowley

§  Owner of a rival farm who wants to take over your farm

§  Has cat named Bessie

§  Challenges you to build a farm as good as his


 Daniel Cooper

§  Inherited Cooper Inc from his father

§  Uses books to give you farming business advice

§  Helps find customers to buy your farm products

§  Host of Mysterious Asia Event


 Monica Moneybag

§  Owner of Monica's Hot Deals

§  Brings you the Latest from the Trading Floor

§  Host of Prime Time Offers


 Benny Buddler

§  Brings you A Special Offer

§  Host of A hint of Hawaii Event

§  Seashell Trader

§  Runestone Trader


 Lana Kealoha

§  Cousin of Benny Buddler

§  Co-host of A hint of Hawaii Event


 Vicky Ventura

§  Farm veterinarian

§  Host of A Hero for Piggles Event

§  Host of An Accident Event


 Eva Apple

§  Host of Where are the Bees? Event

§  Sister of Johnny Apple


 Johnny Apple

§  Owner of the fruity cocktail beach bar on the Island Farm

§  Brother of Eva Apple


 Nils Nordson

§  Owner of the Viking Farm


 Steve Screwdriver

§  The Architect


 Matilda McMuffin

§  Helps you begin your Gourmet Farm


 Lilly Littlefoot

§  Helps you begin your Flower Farm


 The Twins - Jack and Jim


§  Hosts of Not of this World Event

§  Hosts of Naughty or Nice Event


 Montgomery (Monty) Goldwin


§  Operates the  Wheel of Fortune


 Omar Al-Tajer


§  Offers deals at his Bazaar


 Rose McLundy


§  Owner of the Horse Ranch


 Captain Barnacle & Miss Tentacle


  • Captain of The Ship
  • Buys your farm products for dollars and horseshoes


b.      Level Overview

The table below shows the upgrades or events that are unlocked with each level achieving. Land expansion levels are for dollars unless otherwise noted. Land can be purchase for gold at an earlier level. House upgrade levels are the same for all farms.

Table 1.House upgrade levels

c.       Achievements

Each player receives, stickers, Achievement Points (AP), and awards for each milestones. The awards are given depending upon how many AP gathered.

Stickers and Milestones 

Stickers come in sets of 4 and based on level. Most have ten trophies so many AP can be earned from them, however, the "hidden" stickers usually have one.

Sticker Book 

As you get all the Achievement stickers, you may add favourites to the Sticker Book, which can be viewed by others. You can also view Rankings with other Players and Compare Achievements with members of your Cooperative from the Sticker Book screen.

Achievements 1

Level Unlocked:

  • No longer a novice!
  • Combine harvester
  • Growth spurt
  • Got eggs?

Level Unlocked:

  • Quest hunter
  • Forever clicking bubbles
  • What's that smell?
  • Help!

Level Unlocked:

  • Wheat a minute...
  • Hey big spender
  • Happiness is Bliss
  • Apple bobber

Level Unlocked:

  • The bank loves you
  • Leaf it out
  • Cow feeder
  • There and back again

Level Unlocked:

  • Full Belly
  • Cherry Picker
  • Spinning Around
  • Adventure Time

Level Unlocked:

  • Oink, oink
  • Miner
  • Roses are red...
  • Dog whisperer

Level Unlocked:

  • Multitasker
  • I'm fruity and I know it
  • Dandy lions
  • Logistics expert

Level Unlocked:

  • Mmm, almonds!
  • Apple party
  • Donkey master
  • Quack quack

Achievements 2


As mentioned before, the reward will be goes on after reaching the specified number of AP seen below.

Table 2. Rewards

d.       Tips & Tricks

Try to lower your production fix costs by increasing the Happiness.

Collect extra money and items with these activities: Water the cooperative tree and Daily log in bonus

Collect the bubbles over the workers heads. These are appear every 20 secs. If you collect these in a row, the reward will increase well.

Collect the treasure from your Doghouse when it is level 5 or higher.

Main Farm - 1 Dollar X Number in a row up to 5 Dollars for 5 or more in a row.

Gourmet Farm - 2 Dollars X Number in a row up to 10 Dollars for 5 or more in a row.

Flower Farm - 3 Dollars X Number in a row up to 15 Dollars for 5 or more in a row.

Island Farm - 2 Island Dollars X Number in a row up to 10 Dollars for 5 or more in a row.

Viking Farm - 2 Snow Dollars X Number in a row up to 10 Dollars for 5 or more in a row. You can also get items related to the farm you are on.

Build production facilities that make the ingredients needed for the Bakery and Shop. Maximize profits at your Bakery (Gourmet Farm) and Shop (Flower Farm) by making the most profitable items as much as possible. Do not sell an item to the Ship that can be used at your Bakery or Shop unless it can be replaced quickly like wildflowers, wheat, and milk.

Choose your upgrades based on what is not running well (not enough crops from fields, windmill too slow, not enough apples, etc)

Clear the screen speedy of Collectibles using zoom in/out.

Use resources wisely, do not waste money on petty things, if you lack money, try to grow and sell wild flowers and then gain up.

After you unlock the Gourmet Farm, it is better to use the Gourmet Farm's Silo, because it can produce fertilizer with less dung, but takes more time than the Main Farm's Silo.

Buy handbooks from the Library that can useful to you. You may want to wait for the Prime Offers discount on handbooks.


              i.      Daily log in bonus

             ii.      Happiness:

Happiness affects worker morale and your farm's production costs (previously called running costs.) Happiness icon Decorations that increase Happiness can be obtained through your construction panel or special events and offers. Special buildings like the Dog kennel give Happiness as well.

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    Renee1247 (52) - 2016-05-26, 10:25
    Is there other ways to get gold, other than leveling up. If you can't afford to buy it?

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